The New Pile Cage Machine


goes above and beyond
redefining what a Pile Cage Machine can be.

We are introducing our latest compact Pile Cage Machine, revolutionising the fabrication of pile cages  with a new patented welding robot.

EMG ‘s patented welding robot revolutionizes your workflow, allowing the production of circular cages without the typical welding spot and shaoe issues. Increase the productivity and control welding quality like never before with our advanced welding system.

Premium_Pile_Cage_Welding_Machines_for_Rebar_Cages_in_NSW, USA_Schilt_Engineering

Pile Cage Welding Machine

A cutting-edge cage welding machine designed to revolutionize the production of cylindrical cages with a variable-pitch welded spiral wrap with a maximum cage diameter of 3000 mm. 

When it comes to productivity, the SLP Pile Cage Welding Machine excels

Our rebar cage machines are revolutionizing the industry by providing builders with an efficient and reliable way to build a quality foundation. Traditional methods of foundation construction require both manual labor and placement of metal rebar using tedious processes like tying and twisting. This process is both time consuming and expensive as it requires a considerable amount of extra workers and materials.

Its unique configuration and fully automatic welding unit ensure high productivity levels, allowing maximum cage production flexibility. The SLP has got you covered whether you need cylindrical cages, rectangular cages, or cages with bars bent.

At EMG, we’re not just keeping up with the future of construction, we’re creating it.

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The Core of our Rebar Cage Machine
Pile Cage Machine Control
Innovative Design

Our Pile Cage Welding Machines feature a patented welding robot, a game-changer in the rebar industry. They are designed to be robust and durable, operating efficiently even in the harshest environments.

High-Quality Welding

With our machines, you can achieve high-quality, repeatable welds throughout the entire process, leading to increased productivity and efficiency in your operations.

User-Friendly Software

Our machines boast innovative, easy-to-use software with a user-friendly interface, offering seamless control over the entire welding process.

Unmatched Support


We offer unmatched customer support, with our machines able to connect online for remote assistance. Our friendly technicians are always ready to resolve issues or answer queries, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

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