The New Pile Cage Machine

goes above and beyond
redefining what a Pile Cage Machine can be.

We are introducing our latest compact Pile Cage Machine, revolutionising the fabrication of small pile cages and micro piles with a new patented welding robot.

EMG ‘s patented welding robot revolutionizes your workflow, allowing the production of circular cages without the typical quality and shape issues. Increase productivity and control welding quality like never before with our advanced welding system.

EMG's Pile Cage Welding Machine
sets the innovation bar higher

Revolutionizing Rebar Cage Production

Precision is the heartbeat of our Pile Cage Machine. We have integrated state-of-the-art technologies, to ensure every weld is flawlessly executed. From our innovative welding control system, we leave no room for error, giving you the confidence to deliver exceptional rebar cages on every project.



EMG stands at the forefront of innovation, specializing in the creation of advanced Pile Cage Machines.

Rebar Cage Machines for efficient and reliable results

Our rebar cage welding machines are revolutionizing the industry by providing builders with an efficient and reliable way to build a quality foundation. Traditional methods of foundation construction require both manual labor and placement of metal rebar using tedious processes like tying and twisting. This process is both time consuming and expensive as it requires a considerable amount of extra workers and materials. 

Rebar cage welding machines are turning the tide by providing builders with an efficient and cost-effective way of foundation building that guarantees quality output.

Distinguished for our full-automated systems, we’re transforming the way the world builds. With innovative technology, like our patented welding robot, we’re setting new standards in rebar cage production. 

At EMG, we’re not just keeping up with the future of construction, we’re creating it.

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