Machines for reinforcing steel processing
Pile cage welding machine, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway, KUWAIT
Pile cage lowering, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway, KUWAIT

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Machines for Reinforcing steel processing


EMG srls has been one of the companies involved by Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co.Ltd for the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway . As Cage Welding Specialists we had a key role for the production of the rebar cages.


Schilt Engineering:
installation of completely automated rebar cutting line MULTIBAR 500 with ABL, with accumulating warehouse concept and connection to ERP system.


Schilt Engineering: Planning and delivery of an automatic rebar shearline with double benders, as well as a logistics system for straightening machine from coil Including automatic tying-and tagging systems.



The new Cage Making Machine

It won’t just do the job, it’ll do it more efficiently.

The SLP represent an optimum, particularly robust and resilient machinery for harsh conditions. We have equipped our pile cage welding machine with heavy-duty welding unit and solid frame. For low overall costs we have also equipped the SLP series with long, load-dependent maintenance intervals and a repair-and maintenance-friendly design.

Consisting of a drum design bar infeed, master disc for setting the cage sizes, automatic moveable slave disc for pulling the longitudinal bars, one wire pay-off and straightening device for making the spiral bar and automatic cage supports. 

Our pile cage machine was developed for production of round and polygonal reinforcement mainly for bored piles. Eventually even for columns and beams. The inert gas welding procedures stands for maximum welding point strength, even with large wire and bar diameters.

The Advanced control system of the SLP is able to ensure the quality increasing the productivity of your company. The machine is able to automatically reach the required productivity just selecting the type of welding and activating the smart system.

The advantages of the machines for reinforcing steel processing are significant. In particular with the SLP you’ll be capable of producing prefabricated reo cages quickly, efficiently and with a high degree of precision and quality.


There are many benefits of prefabrication, including:

  • Improved product consistency and quality;
  • Increased speed;
  • Simplified logistics on site;
  • Improved safety on site;
  • Reduced bar congestion;
  • Reduced scrap;
  • Reduced impact of bad weather;

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